Feb 17, 2011

There is always blockage somewhere along the line

 Where to even begin this blog.....I really don't know. When I think about what I have planned I have a firm grasp on it, then when I start to let my mind wander a flood of ideas overwhelms me and I end up back at ground zero...so I'm trying to stay focused on the basics.

 Some background on me....36yrs old, single and feeling restless. <--- yep not much more than that going on right now

 Ok now back to the rest of it....

 I'm an avid poltiical reader and through my research my small mind has developed a picture of this world that surrounds me. It's horrible if you focus on the the latte's, flat screens and new houses. It get's better when you take a step back....I'm trying to step all the way back so I can actually see it objectively again. It's a dynamic and exciting time, so much is happening you can't even pay attention to all of it, even the things you want to.

 In knowing that I am not a fan of how North America is living right now, I also enjoy what I have accomplished in the classic path of progress that has been painted out for us a hundred times over. I have a great little house, a good job and all the trimmings that are necessary for a family......*ironic laughter*

 So the work, save, work save, retire feels empty right now. It makes me question what kind of a life that is. And without a family in tow...do you have to live it?

 I have landed on ther doorstep of a decision that needs to be made. Continue forward or change the course.....

 It wasn't a very hard decision and with a great example set before me....so the path is set for a course change.

 Join me as I document the selling of my house, my departure from the J.O.B and all of the difficult things that get in my way (or not) as I prepare my life for a 180degree shift.

 I will be blogging about the people that have helped me get here, the sights I want to see, my thoughts on the political and financial state of the areas I roll through (new blog for that I think as I don't want to muddle my fun and the news together).

The life change has a few stipulations, I will be bringing these back into later posts to remind myself of what I set out to do.

 1. No franchises
 2. The least amount of major cities possible. After living in Calgary for as long as I have I'm not interested in urban sprawl, the latest and greatest coffee shop or anything lese that these centers of de-productivity create.
 3. To work with the people along the way. I will be trying to work on some farms and ranches as I go along, I like the lifestyle and want to try it out. I'm a soft city boy so I may break after the first day...but I will find out!
 4. Eat at as many mom & pop places that I can. There is a TV show about this guy who is becoming quite heavy as he rolls around America checking out all of the fabulous little shacks that people have set up. I don't have a TV budget but I love food and believe that I will find some amazing places along the way
 5. Sample as much bacon and root beer as possible! What does that have to do with anything? Nothing at all expect for the fact that I am interested in what people are doing, not companies. So I will be visiting local markets and speaking with producers that operate there. I wanted to join a Bacon Club (drool)...this just seems so much better.
 6. (this is actually number 1) Visit my relatives and friends. I have friends scattered throughout NA and it would take years to see them all. I'm going to try to spend my time my way and see the people that I love and grew up with. My mom's side lives out west and they rarely come to the prairies and my dad's remaining family lives in the east and I have never met some of them. Also I have friends from coast to coast and it will be amazing to see them all in one trip (provided they are all here)

 So please...subscribe if you are interested. For the next 2 months it won't be very exciting (for anyone but me), just pictures of me and Bryon Howard as he works hard to sell my house and I work hard to get everything else ready!!!

 See you soon!!


Phase one has begun.....


  1. Congrats on the new blog and the changes you're making. I look forward to reading more! :)

  2. Woot Woot! You know I'm going to take all of the credit no matter what happens, right?

    Ha! There will be no failing, it's impossible. I can't wait for you get on the road! Crack the whip with Bryon!

  3. Wow! Way to go Brian!!

    Patricia :)

  4. Way to go Brian!! I'll be twitting this blog of yours!



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