Feb 24, 2011

Slow like Savannah

The writer starts with a title, "Sip it Slow"....and that is where I'm headed. When a friend gave me the Conde Naste "Book of Unforgettable Journeys" I excitedly look at the cover and read through all of the places (I'm not good with names) and was nicely surprised when I opened to book to find a story written about my childhood object of interest. The south has always been an interest to me. I don't know anyone there but in my mind I have this image of what I think the south is like. It like 100 other stereotypes that might be dashed has always fuelled my daydreams of running off into greater northern america.

 Wait I forgot to tell you the particular area of the south that the story was about...Savannah, Georgia. When I look at a map, that looks to be the most south-eastern point that I have in my mind...and after reading the story...it reinforced everything that I thought about Savannah. The story talks about the pace of life in Georgia in general. Don't get me wrong, I understand that the slower the pace (NORMALLY) the less money but a part of this is that I'm not so happy with the pace of life. I'm starting to question the thing that drives me.

 When I was a kid I remember reading a story about Savannah. Slow moving, straw hats, glasses covered in condensation, fans and slow heat. The southern charm, the southern belles and the delicious food....can't wait!

Bryon Howard on the right
 Today was the first big step, everything else falls in behind it. Bryon Howard came over and we traded signatures and he gave my sticks (house) a perusal. Sounds like I'm up in finished product but down on not having a garage. So be it, most garages are built poorly and I hope people see the value and flexibility of the empty canvas over all those items that end of costing you money when you buy them and have to fix them up.

 I have enjoyed the heck out of this house minus a few un-enjoyable moments (that “familia” thing and there is just no point talking about it (I guess I am talking about it...but not really ;)). It has enjoyed a modern transition from a skyblue sponge textured house, sad carpet, leaking windows, cold...brrr cold. Even with all of that it was the best house we found when looking and it was in the best condition for the least amount of money. We had looked at one that was quite a bit larger and we made an offer (ack...business no no #1) and then pulled out. The owners were upset but we just said that we were first time buyers and it just wasn't right after looking at it again. No penalty and the next owner brought in more barking dogs so that area was jusssttt great to live in afterward I'm sure.
 When we walked into this one I rightly, threw up a little...hating this particular skyblue with a passion. But we saw the potential and after a little work (yes...it was crazy making at times) we came out with something that I would have LOVED to have moved into. I'm biased, no doubt. But for a new family this house, needing nothing but personal touches, would be a nice way to start things off in the right direction. The new owners can be confident that I have stayed up till the 4:00am marker after coming in the door at mindight and hearing the hot water tank give out. They can be thankful we stuffed the walls with fresh insulation in the bedrooms which appeared to have a unique insulation from 1910. A few new windows that were basically blowing cold air in the winter, new furnace. New Deck...one of the things that I will really miss, I mean really mis...it is awesome! But what will I miss about it? Chilling out in a sunbeam? That can be accomplished in a million places and I hope that a family comes in to enjoy this together, that is what it is made for.

 It's funny because now with the downstairs completed, new carpet, new paint, new life in a dead space...it's complete. I could just "be"...after 8yrs of struggle to get here...but that doesn't feel right even when I say it with enthusiam. ;)

 All that aside (sorry this got a little long)...I'm scared and excited and nervous and all of the things that come with this. Every time I turn around though something, like the book, says...go

 Listing will be posted by Monday with better pics than I have below! Update then

 Links to facebook albums for renovations -

Main body of the house

Prospective touring machine? ---- we will see :)


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