The Chariot

This page is dedicated to the rides that will take me on my journey. I hope to keep the post about the scooter short (meaning that it will be hassle free) but the post for the van is already getting long. I'll be posting pictures of my fuck ups and fabulous wins every step of the way....

2005 Yamaha Vino 49cc

 Why- it will be fun as hell and will hopefully cut down on some of the inner city fuel expenses without adding too much weight
 The funny - The funny is that I hate insurance. I'd be riding this thing right now if I could but my insurance company is telling me that they wont right the policy unless I have a class 6 license. The shitty thing is that I didn't want to get a class 6, this is why i chose a scooter that in 50 states and all provinces you don't need a motorcycle license for. Is it a god idea? Yes, and I have taken the motorcycle course I just didn't get it put on my licence and then time passed and then I forgot and then it lapsed.
 But I can insure it with 9 other companies tomorrow provided my car passes an inspection, which it won't. So until I figure it out the scooter stays parked, the van stays on jacks and the Altima rides till it dies.

 The Chariot

 - 1984 Dodge B250 360 4bbl Okanagan Camper Van
 - 2 way fridge
 - 3 burner stove
 - flush toilet
 - electric pump water
 - 1" fibreglass insulation throughout (roof as well)
 - Queen size upper sleeper (north south) double bed (east west)
 - Table and bench seats create twin bed
 - inverter and single RV battery
 - fluorescent lighting for low power
 - roof vents
 - dash AC
 - plenty of storage

 - The why -

 It rocks. The original wallpaper is in it and it has little pictures of strawberries and shit like that. I fit in the sleeper which is why i really bought it. Going in a regular van extended or with a raised roof was an option but hey...made in Canada who hoo!! ;)
 It surprised me with some of the work it needed and I learned some lessons I knew already all over again. That being dad and I have always had a rule that you should b prepared to spend 1/2 the money spent on the car you just bought (price point takes don't expect to spend 10 on a 20 car. But if you buy a 5k machine be prepared to spend 2500 to make it right. and don't be cheap (Like I am with my Altima)

 So it's pretty slick. Love the original hubcaps, going to update the interior cushions and mattress. I have all the creature comforts and a few handy friends are helping me do the rest.
 I even have the original manuals which I will scan in time

The repairs -

It all started out innocently with a simple coolant flush...Then I stupidly turned this little valve called a petcock the wrong way, then went at it with a wrench...then it broke just as it was supposed to. 

busted...laughing I think I did this in high school as well

So I want to write an entire post about the mechanic who isn't helping me out. I has plans to pay him in bullets and write about his wild ways...but the fucking guy is a dad and a hunter and a mechanic and a helper and an all round busy mofo. So I call him about the radiator and he says...put some heat on it (the petcock) and take it out, then buy a new on and put it in. See next pic

See next pic

So I put some heat on it and when I twist...gently turns to mush and pulls out the whole plug. So out comes the rad. And I'm frustrated...I mean shit taking a rad out is easy and won't take me long. So I say...and what about the brakes...and Mark says"Hold up...let's fuck up one job at a time" (I didn't do this in high school **fishcrackers!**)
Always use the right tool...errr umm

picture if the open space with rad removed

 So I had a choice...go with a new rad, an older 2 core or get this one re-cored. I hummed, I hawed but in the end the advice of sage experience won over. One said "more coolant the better" and the other said "do you want to have the difference between driving up the steepest mountain on a hot day in a boat like that and your chariots survival depends on whether or not you spent 100$ more on a rad?" So shiny new 3core radiator it is.

More to come....

 After not posting anything for along update (Nov 22)

On a crisp november day...the van blew up...............


 So it's February 2nd, 2012 and more work continues.

 I have no pictures yet which is crazy but I get out there, get busy and never remember to snap a pic off. I will tomorrow though....

 Work done so far

  •  alternator moved over
  • starter moved over
  • ignition coil moved over
  • battery moved over (needs a charge)
  • headlights moved over
  • front grill removed
  • rear shocks removed from old van, one shock is 90% done.
  • Front shocks moved over
 One thing about doing work like this is that you can do it if you can follow directions but sometimes you bite off a lot and you don't know if you can chew it. Today I was gasping for air as I practised some unsafe jack skills, while heaving on a wrench skills.....sheer luck is not a skill.



 I am very very very happy to update that outside of a faulty Ignition Module this Van has been worry free for 10000kms. Running like a champ!!

 Nov 11/2012

 It's getting cooler out here in New Brunswick and I am attempting to make the van livable for the winter. I am trying a few different heaters and weather proofing...the floor is the most costly heat sink and without major work getting it any better is slim to none...but I have some ideas! In the's heat heat and more heat. Nights are great but climbing out of the bunk in the morning is tough...really really tough!