Nov 28, 2011

a slide show from the webcam perspective...more photos to come


  1. So, I think in one of those frames we actually see the windshield as it blows out, right? Then it's lying on the ground about twenty or more feet!
    I'm just adding you my blogroll now....always good to find great Canadian content!

  2. Yes that is what we are seeing...more pics to come. Pretty amazing that I only had minor burns and a stiff shoulder. Still stuck in Ohio...working on a solution.

    Thanks for the link Marianne!


  3. Hi Brian,
    Maria told me about what happened, I am so glad you are OK. I couuld hear you say, like the philosopher you are, what ever does not kill you makes a good story. You have a great story. Welcome to Holy Toledo, where Deb was born. Some family is in Finley {?} Ohio but that is all I think. If we can do something to help , please ask.
    Steve Perron

  4. Hey Steve,

    I had been meaning to write you, you were actually on my mind while driving down the freeway. How are you? Thanks for the love and offers for help. I'm still here in Holland sorting things out. The weather is not helping. I am good though and I think I healed quickly thanks to all the support I have out there.

    If I need something i will ask...right now it's one step at a time for a guy that likes 50 so it's frustrating.

    Cheers and thanks for touching base



Thank you!