Nov 18, 2011

Thunder Bay to Collingwood...ontario...ontario...ontario

 So heading out of Thunder Bay was a difficult challenge. My van was no longer a source of concern since Harry got involved but for some reason I felt like I was stalling, being held back by a lack of faith in my own destination. I is a seriously long way away from here (Savannah) and the feeling of staying with family felt really really good. But leaving the comfort zone and smiling every time my sister say :Keep the rubber on the road" is what it's all about so  headed out.

 About an hour out of the Bay I stopped to relieve myself and found a strong smell of propane coming from the van. For some reason my "red green" patch decided to let go after I hit the road, too bad as I thought it was holding tight and I was hoping it would hold for longer. So I spent some time gooping the shit out of it and crossing my fingers for a hold until I hit the US and get a cheap part replacement.
Outside of Thunder Bay...

When I went to leave this little guy was sitting in front of the van. I got out and tried to move him but he just stepped away from then I pushed him and he flew a foot. So then I picked him up and set him off to the side and he seemed just fine, continued his chowing at the filthy rest stop...but he was so awesome all packed up for the winter.

As close to Red Rock as I got

There is something about a lighthouse that rocks

Reported to be one of the most beautiful places in Canada

Parked at Old Woman Bay

It was a big as an ocean!! Superior..spectacular

I forget the name of this was all closed down for the season but I jumped the fence for this shot. Arqabous falls or something like that...the falls are off to the right


 The weather was amazing, I headed through Sault st Marie (gorgeous) and over into Sudbury. In Sudbury I grabbed a burger at the Deluxe Burger (classic burger joint that reminded me of Willy's back in Calgary) and found a quiet corner to park on for the night. Being that the weather was amazing not having the propane for the night was easy peasy.

 In the morning while trying to start the beast (it's harder to start in the morning after Harry and I messed with the carb) I met an old guy who assured me that my fuel pump was shot and then after I got it started proceeded to tell me that he is recovering from neck surgery. The story goes that he slipped off the back of the deck he was building and wacked his neck on his trailer. He...being of that generation of man that never takes the most direct route to his health and well being, decides to take a nap, and get back to work. He does the work thing for another 9 days before he can't hold a drill in his hand anymore...and decides to get a friend to massage it. The friend, after not hearing any resistance (because he's too damn tough to tell him that it hurts), rubbs the shit out of his neck and shoulders like two men in a turkish bath...and then he takes another nap. When he wakes up (keep in mind this guy is standing looking like the hunchback of notre damn chain smoking cigarettes and during our conversation had a conversation with someone, I assumed it to be his wife, that he questioned where she stayed last night and called her a dirty skank but he still loved her) anyway he wakes up and he can't move...can't feel anything. But he's resiliant and as he forces his hands and body to obey he drives himself to the hospital...they make him sit in a wheel chair in the hallway of emergency because he tells them he bumped his head but he's ok. So trhey wheel him in, decide on xrays and the doctor comes, puts a halo on him befiore he knows whats going on and tell him he should have been paralyzed and that there is no way he should have been able to do all of those things he just did. So they do the surgery, he out and about with a cane and when I ask him what the exit strategy is he just laughs that thick tarred up smokers laugh and says "this is the exit strategy...maybe I'll go in my sleep due to my body just quitting". I laughed with him but inside I just thought....ack ugh and was depressing no matter how wild of an encounter it was. I thought of all the what if he's one of those guys who has worked for cash for his whole life and his contributions are zero so his after 65 support is zero. Or what if it's his company and he never planned for the exit so he's got loans and over head and bullshit that he can't see the end of. Maybe he works for someone and their going to let him go and leave him stranded. Maybe he get's an amazing contract hires 10 guys and never lifts a hammer again....maybe maybe.

 Anyway...hit the road and decided I was headed for Parry Sound. Along the way I hit the Hilltop Cafe..this lady was selling 7acres of land, a working gas station and a kitchen/pub for 120k. She's been there for 7 seasons and as she said "I've never gone hungery". It was so crazy cheap..made me think of the maybe's.

 Parry Sound was fabulous...I grabbed lunch at this restaurant right off the marina (yes I ate just smelled so good. I had a buffalo burger and they had the most delicate waffle fries I've ever had). The town was basically shut down due to the season...boarded up and locked up and everyone had signs hanging saying see you next season.

 After an extended stay at the waterside I saddled up and headed for Collingwood and some good friends.

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