Jun 16, 2012

Flashing forward while catching up on past posts

Some moments in time you wish you could live over and over again. They feel so good that you actually miss other moments because you spend so much time “wanting” that magic feeling again. Tonight as I step out of my van at 11:35 is one of those moments. Normally I’d be asleep by now, it get’s dark early down here. Tonight’s sun set itself down around 9:00…and really it went down probably a half hour before that. I had dinner already and after doing some reading I decided to hit the hay. It was around 11:30 that I made a trip to the bathroom and was dumbstruck by the amazing full moon. So bright and so close…I didn’t have to work hard to see where I was going and so I thought it would be a perfect night for a beach walk…..and it was

 Have you ever been snowboarding and been the first person out after a fresh snow? Of course you don’t have to be “the first” but you are the first to cut new lines in “untouched” powder and everywhere you go there is a place for you to cut that line, untouched, unmarred by another? It is an exhilarating feeling, the silent swoosh of the snow under your board, the ear to ear smile that comes with having to lean back on your rear leg to the point of total physical exhaustion just so that your board doesn’t submarine (nose first). I have had times at Kicking Horse where all you could do to stay upright was to just drop your entire bodyweight onto your back leg, board sticking up out of the snow, leaning slowly left and right and letting the mountain show you the way down. On those days when you find a spot off in the trees for lunch the world can disappear. So quiet, so free

 Here I was tonight on the beach, the high tide had removed any sign of previous inhabitant’s footprints. There was a storm off in the distance over the Atlantic. It was a pocket of cloud that you could just make out, made visible by the occasional lightening blast. Each blast was like a bright flashlight put against your palm and turned on. Each bolt illuminated the storms clouds surrounding it only to be cast into darkness once its charge dissipated. And the moon watched us both, storm and man. 

 I lay down on the beach, a willing servant of this magestic view, ordered to remain still by Luna, lulled into a comatose state by the sound of the waves, each one trying to grab more beach than the next.

 I started to dig my heels into the sand while thinking about how the sea turtle make a nest and before I knew it I had two trenches dug big enough for my legs to fit into…so I buried them. The beach by this park is not so much soft powder as it is a billion shells smashed to fine pieces, it felt fabulous in the cool evening breeze to have the weight of the sand on me…and I began to drift off….

 When I woke the moon had moved considerably and I contemplated what time it might be. It didn’t really matter…which was awesome. But under those stars, at that moment…it did matter a little. It made it all the more real that this journey I am on is but a moment, one in which I hope I will strive to relive as often as possible. Savannah was the destination from the beginning and they do say that it’s not the destination but the journey…I guess until this point I had never really understood the depth of that phrase. Maybe that was because I had never journeyed before…and like letting go, even journeying takes practise…and I am so looking forward to getting more practise.  

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