Jul 1, 2012


With the 4th just around the corner and this being the longest I've ever been out of Canada...today, unlike July 1st every other year that I was in calgary and had "other" things to do...today feels important. More important than it did a year ago. I'm thinking that's a good thing! ;)

 So happy birthday to Canada! You can't fire off fireworks up there (not like this anyway)...so I will attempt to do some down here tonight!

 July 4th though...may be going all redneck all out by taking in a night of destruction at the Myrtle Beach Speedway! ;) Stay tuned!


 There is always another side and I'm not one to ignore how Canada was made. Down here the war, the atctions against natives and the white domination of the land is documented in a different way than it is back home but the base action is still the same. Force another living human into a situation of horrific pain and suffering that still exists hundreds of years later and call yourself a saviour.

 No matter how you look at it you can't accept the beauty of your nation until you truly appreciate the suffering of it's people from coast to coast. Finger pointing, dabbling in other nations politics and finances, judging...all without fixing their own problems is the way to a world that declares civility but shows as by example it's lack of unity, lack of harmony and a lack of advancement outside of anything but slave like retail oriented finances. 

 So this one actually goes out to the Original Peoples first, to celebrate there incredibly important role in Canada and the historic white mans ignorance and cruelty all while declaring righteousness.

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