Sep 23, 2012

America's Stonehenge

Some 4000 yrs ago these chambers were built and the surrounding astrological calendar was mapped out by ....someone. The archaeological discovery and recovery have been ongoing for many years now (since the 50's I believe).

 Needless to say, building structures out of massive rocks and laying out astrological patterns with precision 4000yrs ago shows that someone was thinking...and it's not clear if it was simply natives of this area or if it was settlers from afar being there earlier than anyone can account for with this version of history. 

To go along with debunking the close-minded way we have explored and glossed over some of our is Klaus Dona bringing you something to think about

 The trick with a place like this is that I could never give it due credit with some pictures. I will try but to understand the scope of the astrological circle or the thickness of some of the roof rocks, or the simple size of these rocks...this isn't rocket science, it's heavy construction...the kind that people use bulldozers and bobcats for but here there are in the middle of the forest, these huge rocks that when held against the astrological chart show an exact marking of the sun or moon at a certain date. I wish I could have been there for one of them but the next date was Sept 1 and I was due in Canada at that the best I can do is just wonder a little more.

The last known owner of the land before it's current owner used the area for storage of his equipment and sometimes food. There was a time that asking the question,"who built it?" wasn't all that important to the people working the land in order to survive (after killing and tricking and cheating the natives out of the land first)

In a way it's a shame that a place like this is in private hands even if they are with good intent. The idea that the oldest known sight in America (their claim, I can neither deny or confirm this) being developed by private's a bit of a tragedy. With all of the places I've visited on my trip and all the gov't bucks from fed level down to townships, it's odd sometimes what get's attention and what doesn't. This has no moving history to it, no trail of tears, no Antietam, no background for reflection or a base for any comparison. It's before all popular conception on this soil, it challenges current time lines and understanding.
The rock shown here are part of a larger wall that stretches for about a kilometre. From one of the signs, the rocks did not come from this area, there is no known quarry nor signs of work on the stones that appear native to the area.

This top rock was broken in the 80's in a storm. They replaced it with this rock using a crane and heavy equipment, it's smaller than the original rock.

There are a few areas like this throughout.

This highlighted area shows a perfect circle being drilled back in the day. No one know how they did that. It's a perfect circle about 6-7 inches deep. 

Here is the rock it sits on. It's usage was unknown but assumed to the ceremonial and astrologically related.

Gigantic corner stone

An idea of it's size. For all of this to have been moved from elsewhere to here shows that they weren't just staying the weekend in some nomadic tromp. These folks, who ever they were, had shelter from the storms, animals and an apparent strength to exert their presence onto the land in such a way that they survived for some time before disappearing along with their legends.

The most heavily constructed hallway

Square cut rocks and shaping show masonry technology

Main hallway in the structure

I should have took photos of the walk through map so you'd know what the letter's correlate with..but I didn't. I know they believe the "birth" to be around here

Every arrow points to some type of stone marker or structure

Here they have cut the stone to be like an arrow head (sharp end pointed to the bottom left). It's points at two other stones in the chart and holds a significant astrological date that without the booklet I can't remember

Rock wall just keeps going and going. It could have been made by the same settlers that built the huts or it could have been a continuous project over generations of settling

another marker stone just massive in the field

This stone lines up with the arrow head stone from above

A fallen stone

Outside of having the oldest known structure in america...they have Alpacas!

They give them all a different haircut and it really does suit their personalities when you watch them interact

diggin the wookie legs

 And that was another stop on the map. This land that we live (both north and south) is so vast and has such mystery left that we will never figure it all out in our lifetimes. The minute we say we've got it figured out we need to slap ourselves, it's then that we become closed to new ideas, new concepts and new understandings. Say maybe and leave room for the new stuff that's proven to be coming.

 Thanks America Stonehenge!! Maine here I come!!

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