Nov 19, 2012

Catching up on a missed birthday post...and some other stuff

Birthdays...sometimes a lot happens in a year!!

 It’s been awhile and while I try to make time for this thing called a blog..often times it’s futile and others times it’s just inconvenient. Which is silly…because I really do enjoy writing and telling those readers how I’m doing!

 Quick update…still in St George, still looking for work. 

 But…I forgot an important post that someone just reminded me of. On Oct 13th, 2011 I was turning 37. I had managed to travel up the west coast of Canada, took a 22hr ferry ride up the inland passage (Port Hardy to Prince Rupert and eventually ended up in Jasper, AB…for the big day.) I had no plans, it was a Thursday and the town was just in between summer madness and winter madness…and it was empty. Which is of course the best way to enjoy yourself in any city! 

 From Jasper to the Georgian bay...this time stretch of time last year was just as awesome as this time this year! Lester (thumbs up Cheetah), fat bird, Prime minsters suite in Jasper, long lost relatives, Wes and Dellie seeing me off, open much open road!!
 This year was a little different but still awesome. I had the distinct pleasure of having fresh made New Brunswick chowder (thanks Lori) and a great time just having a relaxing day. Some people would think me to be insane but it wasn’t a day of beaches and scenery…it was a day for me. I took time to just enjoy myself. I think Lori thought I was a bit loonie as part of that enjoying was doing some mods on the Chariot…but to each their own and if I spent every day tooling with the chariot I’d not be an unhappy man. 

 So now I’m 38, homeless (to the average person), jobless and I’ve never felt better (except the jobless part…I am lazy at heart but I really do enjoy working hard for the right reasons…money seems to be a pretty good one)! 

 I’ve been travelling between Sussex and St George and applying for jobs as they pop up. My feeling is that something in Sussex will happen first (just because it’s a much bigger city) but I am still crossing every finger and toe that I can manage some boat work at some point…or something industry related. Seems to be in who you know...and I know some good deep blood local peeps so I'm sending the vibes their way for some help. I was hoping to get a call back from Rainbow Riggers a netting company here in St George but I am at a distinct disadvantage that I have no experience in that type of work. But the boat it just has to happen…I don’t know if I’m a Popeye or not but I’m willing to find out! 

 The weather….how can you beat this weather! I was seeing the snow drop they got back home in Calgary and I am not missing that one bit! Although I do like the snow…last year was supposed to be my first snow free year ever….but things got in the way and I ended up enjoying winter in the 313 (Detroit). When I got here and remarked that I had been travelling through the US someone asked me why I was up north now instead of heading south….simple…because it didn’t happen like that. AND…I’m glad. I’ve never spent a summer in such amazing weather as I did this summer. Yeah it was hot and if that was my regular summer I might not be so enamored….but it’s not. My average summer for 37 yrs started in June and ended in October. I was so stoked to report to my parents that it was May1, 2012 and the temperature was 98f!! That…that was awesome
Nothing but sunshine out here in New Brunswick

 But now I need to do something…more travel is definitely on the horizon but for now I need to explore some permaculture living. One of the challenges of trying to change your lifestyle in a place like Alberta is that it’s too f’ing expensive. My house in Dover…my little tiny house in Dover…the amount of money that it sold for would put you into a property so nice your eyes would melt like foil wrapped easter eggs in your pocket. Sunsets, sunrises…it doesn’t matter which direction, when you are on the ocean it’s fabulous. And yes…cowtown gets an incredible sunrise as well as sunset…to bad enjoying it by the Res, bow or even out in K country isn’t anything like it is by the ocean! (of course this is my novelty...others that have been away for a time and returned on a different level fell in love with it all over again)

 And so my new goal is to find employment, find a cheapo piece of land (no it won’t be by the ocean) and try some paradigm shifting living for awhile. Stay tuned…and keep sending your positive thoughts to the fisherman of Charlotte County that they may enjoy having a fun loving prairie boy on their rig!

 Ideas for alternative living…
 Steel Cargo home
 Integrated greenhouse designs
 Composting toilet
 Solar panels
 Straw bale insulation

  It seems to be anniversary time so stay tuned for a close encounter with an explosion that still ranks as my highest trafficked blog post yet!!! 


  1. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from another vanner who has a birthday every October.Ah winter in good old New Brunswick good luck with the job hunt,your bucking the trend you know most people head out west, must be the vanner in you. :)


  2. Thanks Al! I get why people go out west to earn those long as you had a place out here to return to when the grind got to be too much! Thanks for the good luck wishes...if you know any fishermen let me know!


Thank you!