Dec 31, 2012

Insert catchy New Years slogan here.....

When you can't stop smiling...everything is alright!!

So it’s the end of the world…err year as we know it. It’s been a perfect year, almost. This year has been my year absent of direct family since January 23rd, 2012 when I drove off to Detroit with a backpack, a sleeping bag and a dream of salvaging what I could off of the first Chariot in order to make the second “capable” to complete my adventure. I really couldn’t write enough about how much I miss everyone. People on my journey don’t seem to get how hard that is but that’s OK. Most people don’t have my family and for the most part those I met during my trip have never really left their home base area let alone travelled 30000kms to end up on the other side of the country looking for a fresh start.   

 I found out this year that I’m a survivor…                   
 with a little whining on the side. I’m not sure anyone will blame me for the negative content in my posts at the end of 2011 after my vanplosion but on hindsight I’m not fond of them. It showed me how I dealt with the feeling of defeat and there was a time that I felt thoroughly defeated. So I resolve to take it better when it needs to be taken and be more reactive and fluid to avoid the moments where static thinking gets in your way. The one thing I was happy about is that I didn’t lay my burden on anyone else…I accepted the support people gave me but I didn’t force myself on them expecting them TO support me. By the time the train arrived in Edmonton that blustery Dec day I had already written off the trip and so everything after that was pure bonus material and it made me even more thankful to the kind hearts that were out there rooting for me! They say what goes around comes around but I don’t think that’s entirely true…I haven’t done enough nice things in my life to have been given that much support. ;) 

 I also found out I’m pretty handy with a wrench, not a bad hand on a farm, quick to make friends where ever I go, quick to be just fine being alone…anytime, not a bad writer, still struggling with what it is I want, still struggling to discard those things I don’t feel like I need anymore (mostly ideas but there is a little material baggage that’s still anchoring me down and costing $$)…I found out that I love to be at peace. I’m not even really sure what that totally means but I’m trying to figure it out.

 So we’re into 2013…well as of this post we are 2 days into 2013. The year has already taken an interesting turn regarding the fishing season…more on that as I sort out the salty details. 

 I’m not big on resolutions and I have a standing order that unless it’s a private house party…I don’t do New Years. I guess though that attitude has some good and bad that comes with it. It is what it is though. 
Risk of freezing spray...check

I was crossing my fingers for a repeat of a super mild winter last luck for me this year! Van stays warmer than the outside...but at -30 it struggles to stay comfortable

The vapours....a winter fishermans nightmare!

 I guess the next question for me is…what next? Even though its bitter cold and we’ve had some physically shitty days out there…everyday I’m not fishing I wish I was fishing. Then when you get on the boat and catch a blast of water to the face that came over the wheelhouse during a NW 25…you wish for a second that you weren’t fishing! :) I really do love it though and I couldn’t thank Lori enough for the connection or the Cpt’s for bringing me on. Am I a fisherman? I think it takes more than one season to decide that but I do know that everyday I’m out I feel more comfortable, more capable and more like a fisherman. However fishing is seasonal and if I’m going to survive till the spring season without selling all my gold off (damn it…not yet)…I’ll need to find some fill in work and I’m hoping that there is some around.

Everyday is beautiful when the sun shines on it!!

 So even though I decided a long time ago to not make resolutions…I decided this year to spend as much time eating juicy peaches, hang out by the water and be at peace as much as possible…and everything else will work itself out. :)



  1. Happy 2013, Hippy! I hope this year brings you many more adventures and cool opportunities for self-discovery (and hopefully, maybe, a quick visit to Calgary? ^_~ Satay and I are still chatting and chowing when we can!)! *hugs*

    1. Thanks Stutter!! Miss you both and can't wait to see you when I can!! Happy 2013 to you, chris and your turkey monkey!!

  2. Hey Brian stay warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AL & Lynn O'Brien


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