Jan 22, 2013

A little down time...

 It's not as though these posts are regular but i figured I'd just drop a line out there to say that the posts might be even slower than normal over the next while.


 It's winter time in good old Canada and here in NB that seems to be the time that everything slows way way down. I've never experienced seasonal work before so I'm not accustomed to this type of thing...and I have to say I don't like it. If I find myself here next year I will be diligent in lining up full season employment. Even using EI makes me sick...having to comply with those rat bastards in the fed just doesn't work with my constitution...but I may break those rules as I find myself here making a go of it in the future ;) (stay flexible people)

 Currently I am not living in the van...and missing it greatly. I am parked up in the warm love of friends in Sussex playing maniac visiting Uncle to their 1 and 3yr old. The strangest thing about not having the van here right now is just not having my space...after being solo inside the 90sqft machine for months at a time...it's just a bit of adjusting.

 I am single again...the connection I made in St George was fabulous but short lived. It was really nice after 9 months of drifting through the US to find a kindred spirit but in the end we had some very different ideas on how life should be lived and so hopefully friends we will be.

 Work is the current goal. Sitting around for the next two months waiting for the Lobster season to start doesn't seem very appealing to me but as I am currently sitting...I may have some fun at the local ski hill Poley Mt, take advantage of the weather and my friends snowshoes and just enjoy time with the kids who are just big enough to be fun but not big enough to do really fun stuff with (without worrying if they will get hurt). I did teach the 3 yr old something that makes all parents cringe "Sometimes scary is a little fun!" and he get's this sparkle in his eye.... lol

 I did get out of my robe today...so watch out world! ;)

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