Apr 19, 2011

One month shall pass...and ye shall face relentless stress, difficulty and a resistant foundation of contradictory beliefs that you will have to work through

 This is what the voice sounded like in my head after I posted my last house posting on February 28th.

One month Two months shall pass...and ye shall face relentless stress, difficulty and a resistant foundation of contradictory beliefs that you will have to work through <----  This is what the voices are saying in my head today

  So I've made some strides in preparation but this post won't speak about the house. I'm keeping a lid on that until I actually have some news. Well...ok I'll share some news. The original buyers were on the table but during the home inspection they found damage on the roof (shingles). I tried very hard to get an insurance claim going asap but alas it took a little too long for them and they bowed out. Too bad for them actually because insurance is in, coverage is full and we're back on track. It's been fun...err...yeah fun I guess is the word. It's been an experience....to summarize there will be an announcement soon.

 But I've done the fun part...Ye shall require a vessel of transport and shelter, choseth wisely for you only get to pick once.

 I have purchased two vehicles on the knowledge that an up and coming announcement will push me further towards the finale...

 1. 2005 Yamaha Vino 50cc. - I decided to grab this little run around for inner city fuel savings. With all the Km's I expect to pull out of this trip this little funky should save some fuel expenses, add some fun and probably land me in a little trouble along the way!

 2. The van...there were a few choices in a vehicle for a trip like this. I could chose stealth, tinted windows, cargo van, keep it secret keep it safe. That was one option. I could have also chosen a Class-C motorhome. This would have been the most luxurious living space. I weighed this option heavily. They are pretty sweet, noisy as hell but I decided to go with a bit of both.

 Lending itself to sailing the seas of pavement is a Dodge Okanagan! Full camperized, loaded for action and after a few repairs it will be rolling.....

 The reason I wanted this type of model was specifically to use more gas. ;) Just jokes, honestly a piggy van like this will get what it gets. I'm going to have it running sweet and it's about the most "green" thing you could do in life instead of scrapping it for a new one. Drive by an RV lot and tell me that's green. Pah Bah and Blah!  Anyone buying new is buying the problem...suck on that. Green is a 5gal shower ;)

Which...is going to be flipping difficult. No lies...adjustment period will be insane. I am an aquanaut. Moving to a different routine...well stay posted. My biggest unknown is around water. Usage, storage and drainage. Which will all be solved in about 5 seconds after I get going whether I like it or not. . 

 No honestly, the reason  wanted this was for the upper bunk. It's a queen size bed and it has plenty of room. It means no table up, table down and it will be better...I think.

 Someone said "What if you get one or two weeks out and realize you hate it?" and I played along blah blah blah...but all I could really think is...what? I don't know what to say to that other than, that is why we are who we are. It's been building since the beginning and I'm privileged enough to unleash it, take the risk and gain the opportunities that await. Savannah...here we come (in a very long round about manner!)



 I drive it home tomorrow  

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  1. Cool tool Bri, a little bigger than I expected from you but I don't know what you had for criteria or choice. Now you can take the cat with you. Good for you my friend. Love the Vino. It will be a blast to bomb around it. Awesome exciting. Now what is this about some pending announcement?


Thank you!