May 7, 2011

Ordinary life is complicated - Harvey Pekar

 So things happen, stubbornness appears in many forms and sometimes plans change...for a little while. Due to my wanton urge to feel greasy and mechanical I have had to push my adventure back a bit. The van is being worked on as we speak, tuned up, fluids changed, newly cored radiator is in after some rookie mechanics broke the petcock valve...then broke the brazing on the plug...ha...ha - good thing though as the rad was broken anyway ;)  brakes and front suspension are being ordered and it's all going pretty well. Interior is cleaned, windows worked over so they slide smoothly. Starting on the counter tops and table to see if I can update them for relatively cheap. But... I want to try to do the suspension myself, at least take it apart and then hire a guy to put it back together. So I've got a guy coming to check it out and if he says he can put it back together I"m going to start torquing bolts and see what I can't get apart.Boyish? Hopefully! I have enjoyed every night I've been out there working on it over packing. do I hate thee. Oh yeah, why am I packing? Possession on the house is May 29th!! I'm super excited to be moving on and as I look at all my stuff I just want to give it to the next neediest single mom that comes into my office at the college and be done with it. The privilege of having useless stuff, now that I've decided to do something that is taking far more courage than I thought it would, feels like an anchor. It's deceiving though I'm sure and my opinions are to be tested and ... changed in good and bad ways.

 So I'm heading down into the folks basement for the summer...half looking forward to it due to the $$$ I will save over the summer. They will be heading camping or something so I'll be house-sitting their cat and working on the van over there. It will feel crazy to have a cat that is cranky compared to the mondo man who will bee with my brother lounging on his sunny balcony. The timeline isn't set but it's probably going to be adjusted to an august departure. It was a weird mental move since I was already working myself out of my position and now I have to work back into it.

 Off to the wreckers to see if I can find some stuff  ;) 

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