May 22, 2011

A geo home...all mine for 6 weeks! get real busy being busy and you miss visiting with your folks for a bit. You head over there with some fresh fruit for a saturday visit, they mention something about a family friends property that might be available for about 6 weeks over the summer...close enough to the shuswap to throw a rock into (not quite but pretty close).
 And before you know it you're saying yes I'm interested and I'll come out to visit in June before I officially confirm.

 And then they send this picture....a geo dome, free roaming chickens on the property, gorgeous golden retriever that needs some love....and I am so in!! plans change again and it just keeps getting better.

 I'll post the town name after I lock it down.

 So right now I'm still selling my stuff ..... packing my stuff and currently...not sleeping ( a rare occasion) because this house is so damn cool and spending 6 weeks in it to kick start a bit of transience is going to be awesome!

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  1. Awesome place to do some meditating, deep soul searching, kick back & relax away from it all & all that you once held dear.


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