Aug 14, 2011

Blue Tunder'in Thunder

An angel was shining my's glimmering in this shot ( nickname in some circles is angel..what?)


 So when I was planning this adventure the one thing that I kept coming back to was ...holy shit gas is expensive. So in order to balance things out....I got's me a Yamaha Vino!! 
 Yes a scooter...yes I'm 6'1 and 36yrs old and no I don't plan on using it to pick up chicks...because it can't carry them ;)

Since I can't take a picture while driving...this is the best POF shot you will get until I figure out how to video it without trying too hard

Two observations...Nice thing about a scooter is that if you can stomach the exhilaration of only going 60-70kph and don't want to be evil knievil you can insure a scooter that is 50cc or less for pennies a month and drive it without fooling about with a motorcycle license. I don't expect that rule extends everywhere...but they have to pull me over first. If you though OJ's escape was dramatic...let me show you what a determined scooter escape looks like!!!! 
For posterity taken at my first haying job

 So far it's the only vehicle I have used since I arrived. 49cc's of pure happiness. It's not fast, it's not safe per say but it sure as hell is fun. I get lots of smiles from people in cars but no love from those people on 2 wheels. There is this strange thing...they wave at each other (cruisers to cruisers, crotches to crotches)...but do they give the scooter any love? Nada.
 So if you see me in your town...give a toot and don't rush me...I'll get there and so will you
If you see me...don't bother to pull over...I'm not going anywhere fast

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