Aug 12, 2011

This isn't's amazing

Ok so it's been way too long and I'm trying....I'm really trying to make time in my space here to make this blog a regular occurrence...but maybe a monthly update is more appropriate to commit to as I just can seem to put much focus into it.

I've been chilling in the swap now for just over 2 weeks. Leavings Calgary was always I under planned, over expected and just made it out with a few hours to spare.

For those who need an update - Decide you need a change enough to break safety, security and comfort in exchange for a 1984 camper van (dodge of course), liberty, freedom and chance.

I accepted a house sitting gig in the shuswap thinking that 5 or 6 weeks of chilling in the sun with a beautiful garden to attend to, a community that is very accepting and a little time to develop a sense of transience before I roll on.

This community is pretty slick. There are three towns in a row, Scotch Creek (the busiest), Celista and then Magna Bay. Further on down the highway is Anglemont and the St Ives. I'm sure there is another somewhere but that is what I have explored so far.

Since arriving I have done a whole lot of nothing but eat fresh foods from the garden, read books, play with the dog and explore the area. However you can get enough of a sedatary lifestyle so I worked this last week on a few hay farms helping with the bale pick up. Holy....f'ing moly....LOL....I am out of shape. Not quite as bad as thought but still...way to sweat Howard!!! Of course I came city boy over dress which didn't help but that wasn't the main factor. was awesome. Two different farms, great people. Total (not just me) there was 280 picked up between two of us and then 1500 picked up by a crew of 4. Each bale was about 60 - 70lbs each and the odd bastard that was a little wet and was easy 90.

I also had some visitors the for the last little while. The owners daughter was out for the weekend and we had a great time having a fire, she visited with her family in the area and we ate some good breakfast grub!

fruity turkey monkey

Then Cat Steele, her Giant and the turkey monkey came out to visit. Turkey Monkey is 2 and she was enchanted by the place, running back and forth all day long, picking some raspberries and flowers. Mom mom and dad also enjoyed themselves (I hope) having a swim in the lake with the turkey. It took her awhile to get there but once she warmed up to it she loved swimming with her dad.

And today my brother is coming out to visit. He got off work at the last minute and is coming for a few days of R&R. We're going to go hike to the neighbours tomorrow morning to pick up some black current jam and so can show him their amazing property. We ended up making some of our own jam as well!!

J&B's Barely Legal Black Cherry

It seems that everyone here has an amazing property. There are the richy rich homes right on the lake and close to the major community centers but once you get out of there everyone has this personalized, lived in, comfortable type homes. I fall in love with a property everytime I go up the drive way.

I've been riding Blue Thunder around and it has been awesome. We're on the side of a mountain so the little 2stroker is taking a wicked beating. Most hills hold me back in the 30km zone but it sure beats riding a bike up them (and dying even before I lifted one hay bale). People think I'm nuts and just smile... saw another one down in town which made me smile. (not the same model). But it's already paying off in spades to have it as a little run around.

Haying was awesome...I'm going to go back to that simply because that was what I wanted...some real physical labour that involved a beginning and an end. The gym never ends and neither does the office. But when the last bale is's over. I could however be working 5 days a week 8 hrs a day no problem with the amount of labour needed around here. The owner of the house set me up with some numbers and they have all come up good so far.

ok...I know it seems like I have more to say...and I do..but this slow ass net connection is chapping my hide as I should be outside not in and as I am finding with a piece of land like this...I've got some work to do!!

Be back soon

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  1. Whoa! You had a visit from the Cat Steele! Awesome!!! :) Love the simplicity of things as you described them... and, quite amused with your notes as a city boy doing some farming work. ;)

    MN (your other Filipina friend) ;)


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