Aug 28, 2011

one day to go.....

So here I am, Sunday morning, making up with gorgeous sun poking itself through the cedar trees on the back side of the house. The rooster is calling me for his daily grub, there is lots to do but I am still in decompression mode.
This has been the longest I have been out of work since I was 18. That's a few years for those that don't know me. I can't say I miss it. I miss the students I used to work with, I still wish them all the best but I still have reservations about my hindsight...I want to do a write up on my experiences with public funding...I should probably do it while the topic is still hot and relevant but that also means that I'm bringing my biased into it.
Living here has been great. The weather, the people, I could really enjoy living this type of a lifestyle over the busy city. Even kids out here are more like what I was growing up. "Go play and don't come back till dinner" words never used in today child rearing. There is a book called parenting through fear that I meant to read that dealt with the same topic. I think it'd too bad..I don't have kids so I can't really comment with any authority..but on observation alone there are some seriously challenged kids coming up the pipe....and that means more challenges for parents who may or may not have had great examples to follow.
The garden has been amazing. For the first month it was fresh blueberries, raspberries and cherries every morning for breakfast. Then when those good times came to an end I turned my attention to the abundant zucchini and cucumber. In the last week string beans showed up in volume. I can't really keep up with it all, you'd have to learn the art if canning if you had a garden like this.
On Monday I will roll out of here and onto Seattle to see my sister and her new property. I finally decided on my trip path so after hanging with the kids I will drive to Van, then jump the ferry to Victoria, see some family three and then drive. Up to Port Hardy. From Hardy I will take the inland passage ferry to Prince Rupert where I'll start the north western leg of this crazy journey!
Hope you will all stay with me and I hope I will have better access to posting pics as I move along.


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