Aug 30, 2011

Vino Vino Vino!!

 High on the mountain side within view of the spectacular Shuswap lies a gem. A labour of love, unique unto itself...the most northern winery of British Columbia, the Celista Winery. Jake Ootesb and his wife have carved the winery out of the mountain side through hard work and perseverance. The wines have a distinct flavour due to their location and growing season and I went through a round of tasters on their red wine. I'm not a wine guy...I mostly came up for this picture...  :) 

A gorgeous day and a gorgeous driveway

The essence!

This is a winery?


Greeted by Jake's smile!

A tasting out here, with the lake in sight...amazing

Blue Thunder...rockin the Vino

 The wine however was delicious, I left with a few bottles after a great conversation with Jake. If you get a chance to visit while you are there take some time in their wine tasting truly is one of a kind. 

 Blue Thunder struggled up the hill but sailed down at about 95 (read---terrifying!!) it was the first time I had a mechanical concern with it but it was just the spark plug cap that fell off while bombing down the highway in an 80 zone.  ;)

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