Sep 5, 2011

Somewhere along the Kootenay Pass

So about 13km into the Kootenay Pass (between Creston and Salmo) I started to run into some trouble with my accelerator. It just didn't seem to be there anymore. I tried for a bit to hump it along but it wasn't something with the gas or the was mechanical.
The Chariot waiting for some tlc

So with a little butterfly in my stomach and about a 1/4 tank of gass less than I should have had... I pulled over into this rest stop. Pulled the doghouse off the van and saw the problem right's a 1984 Dodge! :)

 Lucky I am who I am and with a bread tie and some red green skills I was back in action...but thought I'd take a walk and stretch out my worries. Viola...some of the most fabulous river scenery I have ever seen

.....and this!!
The Inukshuk Village! It was such a nice random thing to see I just had to jump right in and add my own contribution to it.


It was cool...when I built it the shade was covering it and when I came back from my walk the sun was shining right on it!!
Every single rest stop along the way is beautiful in it's own way. In one I saw a grizzled old dude with the handle written on his old school bus that he lived in fulltime. He was off to the side, generator out, awning pulled, book in rush and no plan.

I started recording my drive as well. It's way too big to post but my thoughts are to keep recording the driving parts of the journey and the compress them into a video file in the future. It's kind of cool having the cam going and as an added bonus if there is ever an accident it will be recorded.

As always I know it's been slow. I have no idea how these other people do it but take lessons and keep trying!

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