Sep 10, 2011

Dinner is served....

Ladies and gentleman.....THE CRAB POT!!!

The Alaskan..the only one to get....dinner for two or when I eat with my sister...1 and a 1/2 :)
Down in Seattle's wharf district there lies a restaurant that I visit every time in in Seattle. What is there not to love about this place...steel bowls filled with Alaskan King crab, snow crab, mussles, sausages, potatoes and corn...and prawns. They bring out these meals without much pomp and dump it on your table...chow time

The hasn't worked on ladies yet but it's like Blue Steel...a work in progress
As you can see....I love it!!!
bib on and ready for business!!

2 mangoes and 1 strawberry please!
We also had some magaritas and they were potent and delicious.

the love peck....
My sister and her husband...kirk doesn't do seafood but his colossal burger just about made my mouth water so hard crabs could have lived on the table top...delicious.

So my sister was married 3 years ago and when we were being served I had a dejavu moment when the waiter approached us. At the end of the meal I asked him how long he had worked there and he said 12 was the same waiter. That guy is a damn good waiter...if you ever go visit ask for the back section (or ask for outside because eating right on the edge of the pacific is pretty damn sweet).

The crab pot has 5 locations..2 in washington state and 3 in califorinia. I can't vouch for the cali locations but I have been to the other location in washington, it's located in Bellevue (home of the rich). My recommendation is to only go to the one on the's just not the same eating steel bowled food in some cardboard shopping complex

As the Kool-aid man says....OH YEAH!!

The aftermath...

I'm out...full, sleepy and satisfied...CRAB POT!!!

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  1. Mmmm, despite my minor crab allergy I do love this joint!


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