Sep 27, 2011

Cape Flattery

At the end of the line is Cape Flattery....I got up there just before sunset and was hoping to catch an amazing set of colours. Unfortunately mother nature had different plans but i showed her by sleeping the night and waiting for sunrise...she however had more tricks up her sleeve than I did and I found myself down way early because I forgot to set my alarm (set time period) and thought it was way later than it was. I estimate I was there at about 5:30 fooled by a super bright sky and a total disorientation of time.
 I took about 5000000000000000 pictures so I have just linked to the entire album at the bottom (and on the 5000000000000.

Waking up with Mr. Sunshine

Bah foo...I'd woulda karate chopped the bastard! Hiii Yaaahhh!!

The scenery is so amazing, everywhere you turn your head you have something new to look at. I took over 400 pictures in the time I was here. 

The path was just a mudslide a few years ago but the Makah tribe completed a fabulous restoration and trail improvement project recently and I enjoyed it thoroughly

This one is for the lady, Satay

Fabulous rainbow that looked like it fell right onto the lighthouse

Great pathway

I love west coast forest!


A little help up


Going Down

Blair witch style 
 what more is there to was epic, crazy enjoyable and I'm so happy to have been there and experienced it.

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  1. These pictures are incredible!!! I am going to have to visit the west is time!
    You are doing a great job keeping up with the blog...:)


Thank you!