Sep 14, 2011

Meanwhile down at the range.....

There are some things that are as american as toques are Canadian(meaning that neither of us made them first but we took ownership of them).

1 Apple Pie

 rodding everything in sight


 Since I don't have the skills nor the pocket book for #2...get stuffed to the gills every time #1 is around...I thought I'd try out #3...american style! So we went to the range.... 

 My sister surprisingly enough has become somewhat of a gun fan since arriving down here. It's a unique thing to see coming from Calgary. I'm not scared of guns, would love to own some but have never actually had a need to (plus...I'm cheap and guns are expensive). But down here, the land of the 2nd's as natural as breathing to have a few guns in the house....and I love it!! From a realistic point of view it's nothing special...every country they are bombing back to the stone age has had that same thing for as long as they can remember only it didn't have to be made into a right that some knucklehead could take away while you were sleeping. But hey...we're here to shoot guns so without further delay...bang bang


 In Calgary, at the shooting edge, you can look, not touch and not shoot this bad boy. But down here I was able to hold it, shoot it and love it. Ladies and Gentlemen....the Smith and Wessen .50cal Magnum.

Looks like someones photoshopped it...but they didn't

Yes...the most powerful handgun in the world was in my hands for a brief moment in time...awesome. For those that don't know guns the .50 refers it basically boils down to BIG BULLETS!!

Here we go!! :)


9mil vs .50cal

Kirk making sure that sucka gets it....

Tried to get fancy...

It was so comfortable...simply an extension of my inner urges...err body

People buy fancy cars to over compensate...people buy this guy to scare the shit out of you

I wish it was a hard target

Was trying for the dirty harry from behind but the employees had a watchful eye on us while we had this in our posession

As long as my forearm...

These suckers cost $5 dollars a piece and everyone in the range looks when you put the hammer down on this beast. We had two shots was enough. The only thing I wish we could have done was used a hard target so you could see the damage. As it is when we pulled the target to see where we shot and trust me we were damn lucky to even hit the target (I know I closed my eyes for sure)...all we could do was look for the big holes.

 It was awesome and if it ever got down to me buying a gun it would be this one. America...fuck yah!



  1. Cuz,

    Dad would've gotten a kick out of this!


  2. That is hilarious! Now I wanna go find me a shooting range.

  3. LOL! Excellent post & nice shooting ! That is quite a gun :) Heidi and I have been getting into them quite a bit lately too. Good times! They can be pretty addicting - in only two months, we went from having 2 slingshots and a blowgun to having an air rifle, 12 gauge, .40 cal Beretta and a 9mm Beretta. I am thinking that should hold us for a while besides, the van is only so big!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"


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