Sep 15, 2011

Jimi Hendrix

No relation, just the first grave I saw in the cemetery
Nestled away in Renton, Washington is a memorial to a legend .......


 Jimi Hendrix.(born Johnny Allen Hendrix; November 27, at Seattle’s King County Hospital, 1942 - September 18, 1970) was an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter.)

 As you can see it's become quite the show piece. Apparently up until a few years ago it was a very low key grave plot. I wish  had of come to see him then. When you could have sat on the grass surrounding his tombstone and enjoyed chilling out.

The original plot spot

One of the many plaques

Voodoo Child

My sister searched for a long time with his original need for that anymore

The lead up...

The signature of guitar legend signatures
Monitors surrounding him waiting to celebrate the rest of the family

There was some great artwork engraved in the memorial

Original Marker, quiet and simple

 This new memorial is certainly fancy and the marble work is beautiful but I can't help but wonder what someone so down to earth would have said about being surrounded by tombstones that look like monitor speakers, engraved slabs of marble and pictures of himself everywhere. It was however commissioned by his family and the tombstones will be memorial markers for members that pass away. Neat concept and who wouldn't want an epic memorial for yoru family to be celebrated at.

 It reminded me of sitting with the guys, guitars in hand trying our best to learn from the legends (back then we thought we would BE the legends). So this one goes out to the parents who put up with us during that phase and the guys Gareth, Mike T, the M.Bezzler and Mark (whose mom kept plastic on the furniture). Thanks for giving me some of the most memorable years of my youth!

Sundial from the original plot
I would have enoyed myself in this taj mahal like temple or a tombstone sitting on the ground just based on where I am in life right now.

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  1. This gave me shivers! While the memorial is definitely beautiful, I'm glad that I got to sit and chill out at the original plot '3rd stone from the sundial' - do crayon rubbings of his grave and watch airplanes fly by.

    Thanks for sharing this...I'm glad that you made it there! :)

    Patricia :)


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