Oct 27, 2011

Chasing fall...while falling awake...again

 The hardest part about this journey so far has been the unknown possibilities that lay behind me.  The one thing was a woman....the other was money. Both are difficult to manage and when you start letting your imagination do the thinking it get's out of control. Luckily for me only the woman side of the imagination got out of control...the money side actually is becoming more and more controlled as i adjust and adapt to this type of living.

 The woman...same one I asked out prior to leaving Calgary. The reason that I even mention it is that I'm trying to deal with what I experienced. As I said before to friends I don't know if it was her or if it was just the way it happened...I never got enough from her to really figure that out. But I wanted it to be her...so I allowed my imagination get the best of what was actually going on. Whatever it was I do know one thing...I know what I like and it had been a long long time since I liked someone enough to make me move that far out of my comfort zone. She was heavenly and I don\t regret spending my attentions on her at all.

 However it did remind me of how much I yearn for that sort of companionship. When I reached Jasper I decided, against all signs, to hook a right and head home. My parents were vacationing down at my sisters so coming home was an empty experience. My brother and my cat were a welcome sight and it was great to get a few chin licks from Mondo.

 But...empty is the best way to describe it. I had worked my way up to fevered temperatures about connecting with this mysterious woman....and it was met with a bucket of cold water on my arrival. Not so much from her...more so from me and my reaction. I was a lonely traveller that probably said a little too much...which I tend to do at almost all times.

 Not to dwell though but it basically sucked some wind out of me and left me in a coma while in cowtown. I saw the people closest to me...I couldn't go to the college, it was just way to early to go back even though I would like to see some people from there.
 So I worked on my van....a lot of work on my van and prepped myself for this next leg of adventure.

 It took a week to get the steam built back up but once it was I fired up the Baron, laid foot to pedal and made for the east.

 Just outside of Saskatchewan I pulled into a rest stop and grabbed a few sandwhiches. I'm determined on this leg out east to eat all of the food in my camper without spending a dime. It\s working just fine so far...sort of.....one minute before I left Calgary I stopped in to see a friend and her new baby and as i was leaving I turned on my propane. Wouldn't you know it...the regulator has a hole in it. So I headed back to my folks....did some red green and I still haven't turned it back on for fear of finding out that it didn't take. I will tomorrow though as the fridge needs to get back to cooling mode...I got a few rootbeers that need to be ready for when I hit the great lakes.

 Anyway...back at the border...I went to fire the van up, it was about 6:30 and I was determined due to the late start to hit regina in one shot or at least make it close (didn't even make it close)...what's this? No headlights? Ah Zoot!! So After fiddling around with a few things while the temperture started to plummet (at least it felt like it), I bundled up and jumped into bed. Holy fucking moly...I needed to make soe cold weather changes. All regular cotton is going...flannel and fleece. I'm so used to winter camping I came into this quite nonchalantly....wrong move LOL!

 I was so thankful that I packed everything incase of anything and i managed to find a fleece hoodie in my cold weather gear that my friend muscles used to wear while working up north. Wouldn't you know it....sound zzz's after that. Until the morning! Yikes!! LOL...but when the sun comes up and hit's the windows...it get's to be god damn glorious when you know that your schedule is all yours.

 Anyway, got the lights fixed up (my bad) and hit the road...and here I am

 This will be my third night since departing and I'll be tucking in behind this green ford pick up in the middle of somewhere Winnipeg. I've got a net signal but it's not enough to post any pictures. I was to see my old friend from the college but while at my folks house my phone started acting up and now it will not hold a charge. I'm trying to find a replacement battery but everyone keeps saying it will take one week to order it. F that...I'm making it work but will need to figure something out.

 The neatest thing happened though when I started driving away...I started thinking. Not thinking about her (in an optimistic...I 'm running towards her sort of way), no it allowed me to start thinking all those things I was thinking before I left. How we live, why we do things, what we are doing, how can we fix it...it was great. Reinforced after ever town that had the same standardized stores popping up everywhere you look. Malls owned by the same developers across the country looking and feeling the exact same. Perfect for a "safe" society. No need to check out Granny's Fried Chicken serving since 1930 "off the main route" when the same stores you had at home can be had here. Standardized make me puke bullshit. Anyway...more on that later

 So I'm going to check out the Forks, home of the masonic center of winnipeg, have some lunch with my friend, pray that whatever is making noise under the hood stops or at least stays how it is (bearing...on a pulley...fuck)...and head for the Georgian Bay. I'm catching up to fall, Sask was already barren and brown....but MB is still yellow and fabulous. I love prairie skies!!

 Anyway...this is unedited...hope it makes sense...brrrrr!!! :)

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