Oct 28, 2011

I'm in UR city stealing UR bandwidth

a random jasper shot to show the scenic difference

Chasing down a saskastorm!!

1 hr later...clear as day!

normally it goes vroom vroom...this am it went brr brr

Those gorgeous prairie skies

The only place where reading a book while driving seem logical...what?

standing tall

sayanora sun!!

The day in winnipeg...fog so thick it was unreal.

This was a really neat city gathering point. They had a bunch of different things like this and these large (see below), what looked like yodeling horns all pointing to the middle of the park. When in the center on given dates and times you can see the different starts and night sky patterns.

6 altogether meeting in the middle, a very cool place that I'm sure is the basis for Winnipeg's satanic underlying (that's just a guess)

on the bridge by the Forks

Feet on Lake Winnipeg

Sunset on Victoria Beach

Surprised 3 Bald Eagles off the side of the highway. Two full white caps and the other spotted

Got out to take a walk...found them again

So awesome...they are massive

You could hear his wings beating from quite a distance away

Someones hard work off the transcanada trail

I attempted to hike out to Bear Lake but alas...the weather has turned to far and a 2km hike through marsh was not on my agenda

Gorgeous country whether it's fall or summer...but I'm sure it's hell in winter

The second last Henry being enjoyed in temperatures colder than inside the fridge

Honk Honk!!!

One more shot...excuse the black shit on the lens...I need to take it apart to clean it

I was going to drive through but then thought that lunch by the lake would be nice

and it was

I'm not buying food but this looked fun! and she was busy in there...just not in this pic

1899 CP station still being used

So that is where I am at this point. I'm parked outside of the Lake of the Woods Hotel...seedy is a soft description. It was one of two wifi signals I found and the other was outside the legion...even worse than this. To say that there is an element in this city would be an understatement. My van seems to be holding up but there is something going wrong with it slowly developing in the bowels of cast iron and oil...I'm on the way to Thunderbay where my dad's cousin awaits and hopefully he and I can get it sorted before I take the big leg through to the Georgian Bay. It would seem that I am catching on fall a little, there is much more growth still on the trees here than a few hundred K ago. However...I will run into winter soon, I'm just hoping it's not too soon before I can make it a bit further.


Welcome to Kenora!!

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