Apr 30, 2012

Loving the car projects

Something fun I stumbled into....

 My friends chiropractor, Dr. B, had a project he was working on, a 1960 MG twin-cam. Now a 1960 MG is already cool enough but a 1 of 2000 Twin Cam (#674 I believe) is awesome. He wanted to do a "rolling restoration" so we painted every bit of visible frame and body work, all running pieces, trunk, under the hood, the inside cabin, firewall...and everything else you can think of. We used this insane product called POR-15. I can tell you this...if you love your car and are going to put in the time and effort...it is amazing. Don't take it lightly though...it's like metal stain and not only did I get it all over my entire upper body but I made the mistake of kneeling in it and it stained my knee's for a couple of weeks. Dr. B ate some...not a fun experience.

 I won't get to see the finished product but not only was it great working with such a knowledgeable guy it was great taking a vehicle down to that level and see what it takes to protect it and make it last. Every night I would go home and think about pumping up the front of the van, getting out some por of my own and getting down to business.

 Dr B has some great stories and the guy whose garage we were using (Greg) for the work (had a hoist and all the goodies) was also full of great stories and is also a serious car collector. I was loving his collection and the non-stop car stories (and other stories) that both had in the vault.

 Here are some pics taken over the last while...

wire brush - check, bottles upon bottles of kerosene and brake clean - check

In the best garage I've ever been in...

covered in POR-15, early production 67 vette behind me

soaking my knees in the blackness...could be a subconscious reaction to the first time Eyvette saw my legs in Detroit..."Oh lord"

Me and the good doctor

The hoist was tricky...I'm 6'1, everyone else is shorter...I did a lot of bending and kneeling as it just made more sense

parts painted in POR (harder than steel and sticky as hell)

Greg, garage owner, aviator, collector

Listening intently...between the two of them there was a treasure trove of info

sealing the gas tank...my advice, think twice about POR-15 silver, amazing product but I'm not the biggest fan of the way it finishes

working it

varsol, grease and wax remover, mountain dew and tank sealer

shot of the springs

I was happy to help and in this case I was happy that Dr B saw the advantage of masking the car off before we sprayed chip guard

Finished trunk

Floor boards (wood) ready for install

cool rear battery hatch

Everything laid out for a second, third, fourth and sometimes fifth coat

The car was originally blue...it's way better in the copper

The hood and trunk with sound proofing and MG badge ready for install
Dr B picking up the car....

Stashed away since 1985...

Will it awaken?

Single handed?

So much awesome....his BMW 2002 beside it looking sharp

After the first round of cleaning (Dr. B not me)

C is for cool...

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