May 3, 2012

Jumping around...

 So I have two posts that I am working on about my friend JP and his family in Toledo...but they are taking more time than I really like spending writing a post. One reason is that we did so much awesome shit when we were young that I can't really find a way to encapsulate it without it sounding...unreal.

 But it was all real...and we laugh so hard when we talk about the things we did!

 But...until I post'll have to make do with this shot. It's easy to see why kids love me... hahaha

I was giving them a chance to karate chop the belly of the Fatman. Earlier that day Cpt chillypants (green shirt) fell of his bike (newly removed training wheels) and got a little character builder called road burn on his elbow.

Someones karate chop has smacked his wound...and he reacts while the 1lb girl and her 2lb "Worlds fastest man" brother smile on!!

So I took full advantage of the situation and applied my death grip...viola!! Awesome picture!!! You'll thank me for it later chillypants!!
Next generation of cool...."Hi Riley!!"
  That's all for now!!

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