Jun 28, 2012

Savannah....oh the sweaty south...I mean sweet south! ;)

 When  set out on this journey I had only one static destination in mind...everything from Calgary to here outside of a visit to my sister in Seattle was by whim. I use my road atlas everyday and it's at the point of sleep or awakening that I pick my next spot. It may just be driving down the same highway as I was before but I never set a km limit or a time limit...I just drive, keep the day open and go where I go. It's the reason that it took me 4 days to complete 100 miles up the 101 in Washington state, or to drive my sister who was anticipating my arrival crazy by stopping and eating fresh peaches and reading while hanging my feet in the lake in peachland for 2 days unexpectedly. It also is how I got to be on a 22hrs ferry ride through the inland passage, driving out to cape scott and staying at clay County in Delta Alabama for a few days...it's how all the coolest shit has happened so far. But I did need a point to "shoot for" that seemed at the time to be on the other side of the world...Savannah.
The layout of the businesses on the water front. The bank when they first arrived was incredibly steep and took considerable effort to move up and down. Now the row (to the left) of water front businesses connect to street level through steep cobblestone driveways, long staircase and these bridges. It was neat to always be able to hear something different whether it's some cooks two stories down shooting the shit or another tourist expressing how cool it was.

Sometimes I like to just take a picture of the plaque and remember the scene in my head, that doesn't do you any good but just know...it's awesome

huge cargo moves up and down this river..it's a neat thing to see from the dock, this 6 stack cargo beast honking the horn

day one sunset...how could you not love it

Savannah has a major flood problem as you can imagine and down this hill...it floods like mad! In 7 days there, not a cloud in the sky though, excellent!

 So when everyone asked me before I left where I was going this was the point I used. And luckily after all that has happened...here I am. There was a point where I did not think I was going to get here. So it's sweeter than ever that after everything...I am here.
This was a random find in a neighbourhood where other people told me not to go. That shit doesn't scare me (the segregation zones down here). It doesn't make me feel super comfortable either but I'd not miss it for the world...and I'll kung fu any mutha sucker that comes my way! HhaaaiiYah! For the record...I'm all for the black panthers. I'm for anyone who fights for rights and I'm not for turning away peoples desires for things just because they don't fit with the white based social norms. If it wasn't for the fighters through history on all fronts...progress would have been impossible.

These cats...I'm not so sure about ;)
Epic architecture! I'd take something like this over a skyscraper anyday

Everywhere you turned there was something old, something cool and something religious

Just an average home by Forsyth Park

When I was recovering from my blowout in detroit and getting the new van ready my sister mailed me 24 Root beers. I've been saving this one for when I got here...ahhh...lovely! Thanks Shorty!

the original city bell

Every plantation had it's driveway, most are like this, epic oak trees as far as you can see, spanish moss hanging from them...amazing

This is what remains of Noble Jones's home. It was a home built to survive and repell a small arms fire attack from the spanish so it's construction was formidable.

The man himself

Tybee Island

SHINERS!!! Who else could OWN a part of the fort!!

All of the forts have been serious so far...but this one seemed really serious. It was closed when I got there but it had a "thick" look to it, more bunker like than fort. Delicious food at the North Beach Grill beside it.

As you can see my camera has decided to once again get something inside the sealed lens area..so yeah...pooh

Back in Savannah
A must have!! Olivers Lunch from Zunzis. I rode across it, ordered what looked good. This is chicken and sausage on rice with a spinach salad and a roll. The sauce is what makes it so delicious. I looked at it, swore I'd never eat it all...and then did!

Forsyth Park fountain

Whhhaaat?? ;) It's one of the best things about exploring a city on foot...the random wtf.

 I decided to take a hotel room for a week as no one answered my calls for couch surfing...and I get it. I'm not a couch surfer really in a traditional sense. Sure I'd stay in your house and would love to meet you but I'm not on a schedule which makes it tough, I come with a big ass camper van and no plan which makes it tough and I guess couch surfing is for calender oriented folks who come with little cars and a plan.

 So ce la vie, it was the most costly accomodation of the trip so far but outside of toledo and detroit it's the first time I've had free shower access, sleep in access and privacy. So it was nice but if I'd have to do it again I would have been able to find much cheaper accomodation by opening a Savannah newspaper on day one instead of taking in the riverfront sunset and people watching...some people and their priorities.

 Now I had an amazing week there so no one should take this the wrong way...but it wasn't what I thought it would be. It didn't have the feel that I thought that it would have. But it should have...I will explain more as I figure it out myself

 It is a very small city of only 100000 + folks. The historic district is about 26 blocks, cobblestone roads, brickwork, huge churches, fabulous riverfront...history. The type of history that ties in so well with everything that I've experienced about America since kentucky down.

 It is a huge tourist destination though and I believe that the city has lost some flair by attempting to cater too much to that type of economy. It's still old school everywhere you look but the feel was off. The people for the most part were the most unfriendly that I have run into so far. No nodding, saying hi...a lot of glazed looks, glances...I kept thinking I had something on my face, looked crazy or had a big piece of food in my teeth...none of which was the case.

Drinking is a big part of hanging in Savannah, during all hours of the day! It lessened the historic feel, gave it a spring break-ish feeling that was dampened by being is a historic setting that you never really got to feel because it was so busy and focused on making money

Add caption

One of the bigger homes

Local artist - name unkown. I had a blister and was headed home not in the mood for chit chat. lol

 I did meet some cool people and  put on about 100miles through the week on my feet and my bike so I certainly did cover the city. I went to Oglethorpe Speedway for the friday fathers day show and got the announcer to send love to my pops back home as it was his birthday that day. (Happy Bday dad!!). I visited Tybee Island, skidaway state park...I did Savannah for sure but when I left I was left wishing it was more...and I wasn't sure why that was. 

It was a great night of racing. Three classes three runs each. ran until nearly midnight and not a single person left early! All 25 of us were there till the end (just jokes, maybe 100)

Little dude holding his dad's trophy on the front stretch

The pickup (yellow) seemed to be the newest addition to the track and he was kicking ass left right and centre. So they rubbed him and dirtied up his paint job, but he still won!

led sleds...love the trans ams!

You'd need a serious camera to catch a moving shot...and I don't have one!

The winner! There was a little bad blood between 3rd place and 1st place

On the back of my ticket...

Winner of the big money class!
So I am out...and onto the next town, park, city I get to...stay tuned...north we go!!
The trip up from New Smyrna Beach

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