Aug 2, 2012

19955 and counting.... (real time post August 2nd)

 Now this isn't the worlds most popular blog. I have limited following, just like in real life and that is how I like it. I am not writing these pages to turn an income. I highly doubt anyone would pay for the rambling stories of a privileged canadian kid rolling through the US on a road trip that has been done time and time again in various forms of transport from foot to bus. I have no "hook" per say other than my cool ass van and me...historically only the van is turning heads ;) I checked my traffic from my pilfered wifi connection somewhere between Hanover and Gettysburg and it appears that I will hit 20000 page views today. I've been getting about 25-80 hits per day and when I pop up a new post I usually get about 120 or so. When I checked my weeks traffic my canadian friends seem to have been outnumbered by 3-1 in favour of the american traffic. Last week was about 500 visitors compared to just under 200 canadians.

 So thank you to all that visit!! It's been great knowing that someone is out there checking in. It would be nice to have more comments, not sure how to promote that or to grow that but I'd rather not really try and let it organically work itself out. For those that do comment, leave a hint as to who you are please ;) 

 I'm heading back to Gettysburg to check out the park was just too big to see in one day.

 I hope everyone is having a great summer!! It sure is nice to be this far north now where it actually cools down at night. My budget was sliced into heavily coming up through florida and needing electric hookups every night for survival so this is heavenly (even though I miss the beach and can't wait to be back by the atlantic when I get to Maine)


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