Aug 1, 2012

Little Pee Dee...killing some time

Fantastic day one sunset

I seem to have parked at Goose central...they really owned the site not me
  So after leaving Charleston I still had 2 days to kill before Prince Bay farm was ready to have I headed north at a leisurely pace and found myself at Little Pee Dee State Park. Great little place, stayed 2 nights. Hot as shit during the day and I am so so thankful that I bought the AC unit while in florida. It's added a considerable level of comfort albeit at the expense of having to find a plug in campsite on a regular basis. I assume that will change as I head north but it is humid from here on up all the way into Canada so I will do my best to stay for free where I can but most likely I will be in campsite/state park mode for the rest of the summer.
stupid camera, notice the "shit" in the top left corner...can't get it out and I'm reluctant to buy another one...and it costs on average a 100$ just to have a camera shop look at it with no guarantee they can fix it. I bought the first one at future shop which does not exist in the US, second one was from ABC warehouse and that doesn't exist out east. Mail order repair is a I'm stuck with it

The strutter...he/she was the king of my campsite

I love turtles!!

Cutting the water with the full moon
 I tossed the yak in for a moonlight paddle, sure was nice out there. I haven't kayaked as much as some people might assume I have. It's nice to have the boat with me but since it's just a lake/rec kayak it's no good in the ocean and it's really no good in fast river waters. So I toss it in when I can but really it isn't all that often that i get motivated enough to do it. One thing that I always look for is to be right on the water. Reason being...simple. To get the van over to the boat launch usually means setting up and taking down twice...and I'm a once kind of guy. What I'd really like is a tow-along for my bike and scooter (when it's running)...that would be the perfect solution to the situation. I talked with a guy at Nantahala about it and he had never heard of one that could be fit for a mountain bike. I'mm sure there is something out there that someone is charging a ridiculous amount of money for...I'd rather make my own which is what I plan to do once I find a stopping point.

 Bye bye Pee Dee!! I'm on my way to Prince Bay Farm!!!

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