Nov 7, 2012

It's a new day with the same yesterday behind us...

 So O'bomb'a won as predicted and the US is now in a state of joyous celebration
...expect of course those people that see a different pictured than the one painted for us by mainstream news and positioning. As I stated it would not have mattered who won...the end result remains a devastating yolk placed around the neck of the American citizen. The debt is the debt...there is no getting away from it unless you follow Iceland's example, kick off big bankers and international "shareholders", re-write your constitution and say NO. Will the US do so? No. And while on one hand that sucks...on the other the shake up of the world may just be too much for the average joe to handle.

 Imagine 2008 only exponentially increase that? Good...because that is what is going to happen. You cannot...absolutely cannot endlessly print money like the americans have been doing (and Canada as well). Just before the great depression more money was in circulation than had ever been there before. It is the same with every depression experienced...the bankers print money like it's going to go out of style...then a market contraction and your 100 now doesn't by shit. Think of what you could have afforded just 10 years ago compared to now. Your wages have not increased to the same extent as the increase in goods and the average person is further behind now...with better credit making them feel better.

 I wish O'bomb'a well in his last 4 yrs as president. Someone said don't joke about his name like that but really...I won't stop. He is O'bummer and it sickens me when people compare him to an icon like MLK...the man that came with a good speech, the man that changed the colour of the White House, the man...who in the end hasn't changed anything. Gitmo still open, public surveillance still increasing, funding for Israel's crimes against Palestine still continuing, propping up big business still happening, control of the dollar still with rich interests instead of with the federal gov't or even better the american people. Universal health care that benefits big pharma successfully implemented, regulatory czars in looks like big money's mission has been accomplished. Rhetoric against Iran is at an alltime high so the constant idea of conflict still exists even with a president that won a peace prize for...bombing the shit out of people...peacefully.

 So tighten up your belts because if you thought shit was expensive haven't seen anything yet. Here are some videos that are essential to watch to understand the American situation. Once the money is corrected you have a chance at fixing the country...without the money correct it will always be what it is and will continue to move closer to it's own true implosion. 

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