Nov 7, 2012

Election thoughts and a little humour from Juice News and Epic Rap battles

One election to unite them all........

 It's more dramatic when you put a bit of theatre into it but the truth is...this isn't really an election. AND before you roll your's not even about them being two peas in the same pod that makes it such a non-election. Its the simple matter that even if the election was rigged beyond belief, more so than under Bush...who is going to change it? The appointed supreme court justices? The poor? The manufacturers of voting machines? It's been proven time and time again that things like pesky court cases over suspicious events don't stick to the mainstream news.

 So it's not really an election, more like a demonstration in repetitive sequencing. People chanting things like "People died for your right to vote"...but really. They had a vote in Palestine but no one believed their results or respected them. They had a vote in Afghanistan but afterwards the people found out that it wasn't fair even under the watchful eye of the Americans. (who will claim the UN is responsible but really there is only one country that gave any reason to bomb little goat herders back to the stone it's the US). But could the world ever deny the legitimacy of a US president. They denied Hama's in a proper election in Palestine due to it's apparent terrorist past. What would happen if the UN did see wide spread manipulation like was reported in 2001? Would they have any ability or authority to take action?

 The answer is a simple no. For the time being the bright nova of America needs to run its course and do what it does which is cycle through hot gases until it eventually runs out of viable fuel and fades away. The best any individual can do is to really realize and to understand their impact on a federal level and instead look to becoming more independent yourself from the gov't. Currently right now Obama has increased social dependency to a point where 40+% of Americans utilize social services in one form or another. That means he has created his own voter base without even following through on a single election promise. Who would vote against him if your dependency cheque (read check if you are american) is coming from him? So people need to get serious about getting it together. Community gardens, intentional communities, mobile living, grid disconnection. One of the things I think we will need to do is go without...and it's tough. No one wants to look at it but if you look at purchasing power from today back to the 1950''s obvious that we are in a world of pain coming in the future. It's not a good or a bad's a thing that is going to happen period. We aren't in control of it...but we can be in control of our immediate surroundings.

 I predict it's 4more years time for the O'bomb'er...he's done a great job of slathering the masses over with bullshit. On one hand he talks about unity but it's easy to see that the divide started way back in the past is a divided as ever today. Red blue...donkey or ass...people are so polarized they can't see the forest for the trees.

 How do you like your election? With a little humour please


Thank you!