Nov 3, 2012

Tweaking out....

 I'm going to go through a few rounds of template changes in the near future.
I'm sure that with my traffic it won't matter much in the area of disruption. I would like however that those visiting provide a little feedback on the layout, what they might like to see and what they do or don't like. Blogger is quite intuitive but not very flexible when you have a cool idea in your it's time for some reading and some html/css development.

 Things I want in the blog -

 Stylish title
 Simple layout
 room for gadget growth
 ability to advertise in the future if I decide to
 free ;)

 That's not so much to ask is it! Right now the title is boring, the side tabs are lack luster and overall while I like the way it reads more than the dynamic's just blah blah in my eyes.

 Stay tuned