Nov 1, 2012

St John, Fresh mussels, St george sights

Every time I see a new ship at the dock they seem to just keep getting bigger and bigger

Saint John is the cruise ship destination of NB's coastline. From the house TK and I were working on a view of the harbour is only a few minutes away and seeing the epic sized ships is always a little mind blowing.

 So far I have been working with TK for a full week, we are having a good time. I am not the worlds most experiences reno guy so I am just thankful that he was willing to take me on for the time being and that I have some knowledge of what I'm doing so it seems like I'm earning my keep.

 I have become better friends with his two tenants Judy and Lori. Lori took me musseling down on a place called Sheerwood beach (spelling?). The mussel patch that we found was humongous and Lori said that in her lifetime in NB she had never seen anything like it.

 For those that don't know mussels are usually farmed and grown on a string instead of allowing them to attached to rocks. When they attached to the ocean floor they end of pulling in rocks and sand and it makes for a crunchy gritty experience. While there was the occasional grit was pretty much smooth and silk and had us drooling over the pot as we devoured them. 
A huge bucket of periwinkles and mussels

In the trash...

TK's rental property...this house is 3 rooms and 1 bath and the people had 8
Finding out a little more about this small town St George. It has some very cool character and outside of the lack of bullshit amenities I am not sure why more people aren't living in a space like this.

 We found a cool eclectic boutique that we checked out, Pete's Ice Cream, the Birches restaurant, Ozzie's (world famous seafood), the country's a funky spot all in all and to be able to walk down to the river in 2seconds and to be at the ocean in 5min...well being a prairie boy you can't really beat that. I have now sworn to myself that I will own a small boat and after repainting it I will call it the Prairie Schooner.

 Local people are rolling their eyes as I say ridiculous things like...I'd drive my boat to St John for cheaper groceries (it's about a 7hr boat ride...certainly not the most efficient way to stock up supplies). I actually say all sorts of I'd get an anchor tattoo if  am lucky enough to get a job on a boat or that I'd try to make a living picking periwinkles. Both of which are scoffed at frequently.
A super slick van...super slick and clean
The good news is that Lori has connections to the lobster world and has indicated that there is a very good chance she could put me on a would be unbelievably awesome to work the industry that is truly native to the area. Stayed tuned for sad faces or happy faces when and if lobster season starts and I am there or not.
awesome wallet from the boutique

When the land is this old and you've been selling it since the late 1700's...there are a lot of old houses laying around that have gone to rot. This organ at one point would have been worth a penny...and I'm sure the brass plate inside it still is!

Lori my new friend and tour guide

fall...really the first time in my entire life that I will experience fall from a true 4 seasons perspective.

A Norwegian ship...the biggest we have ever seen

Driving around and doing what he needs to do Theode has taken me to way more places already than I would have explored on my own. On our visit to Hampton we ended up seeing this cool jeep below and stopped to chat with the guy for awhile. Really really well done ride...I guessed 11000 when we pulled was priced at 10 after being reduced by a g....not shabby estimating.
restored not to 100% original but to an even better state of actual full function modern day with upgraded turn signals, brakes, stereo etc.

When he went to go get the plate he laughed saying "Well I'd like MASH but I'm sure it's been taken" much to his wasn't!

 Loving ever minute of it...oh yeah!