Feb 22, 2013

Sliding closer to irrelevant....

 It is true that without regular updates your blog just disappears into the nether world of the internet.
I can't imagine how many dead pages are out there just floating around....if I had something ore time consuming to do other than waiting for fishing...this page might be there eventually as well.
no I do not use IE

 It's a tricky thing...this thought process I am on and how it is interwoven with something like this blog. Going off grid doesn't mean living in a dirt hovel...but it does mean checking in on what is relevant and what is a luxury. Is the net a luxury? Is the smart phone?...yes and no to both...we'll see how it goes as I move forward both physically and mentally. 

 That being said...this particular blog is just about going stir crazy. Some may know that I am up in Sussex while I wait for April to roll around and put my legs back on the boat. Here in Sussex with my man Shark Attack and his family I am having a great time. Part time baby sitter, part time circus freak (living in my robe non-stop) and part time helper (kitchen, shovelling whatever). I am working but I'm not going to talk about that at all...good lord folks...corporations are robbers thieves and liars and if you think yours isn't...you're a fool.

 Why Sussex? Well it's nice here and so are the people. First I thought about buying some land down by the boat but the access to farms here can't be beat so I may shift focus to better land but further away from the ocean. I have an ad on Kijiji that has generated more responses than I thought regarding trading gold for land...it's just an idea. Right now I'm holding that shiny brick tight but if the right offer came along I'd let it rip and transfer land titles..and get living in a very different way than I was in Calgary. I'm crossing my fingers the right offer comes along...and that gold shapes up and get's back to levels more conducive to making me smile!!

 In the meantime I am about to buy a beater car for a run about. It will be interesting to drive something other than the Chariot for awhile and not have to be conscious of fuel use (as much). That should be fun and give me a bit of a project to work on for the next month or so. Also I am about to spring for a solar panel for the van. Since the place I was parked before is, less comfortable now, I am looking for solutions and one of them may just be parking at the wharf and staying full self contained. That would be the best move as it would give me a taste of going off grid would be like (water, fuel etc). Can't see the weather being an issue, maybe just wet...which means getting water shouldn't be a problem.

 One step at a time folks...real life happens one step at a time! Right foot, then left... ;)


  1. Brian
    Don't lower your standards buy a beater mini van! :)


    1. LOL! I'm looking Al! I actually think I may skip the beater altogether after a little more math and a little more thought...The Chariot shall most likely remain in play for the fishing season..then I'll figure something else out.

      Going to start fishing again March 31. I'm going to come down a few days earlier. Drop me your # to my email and I will contact you to firm it up and see if you will be around for a visit.

      Hope you are well!


Thank you!