Jun 17, 2013

Touching base.............

 Wow...has it really been that long since I attempted a post? Judging by the last date on my blog...it has!! Jesus H - I don't even really know where to start so possibly pull up a chair and be prepared for something long winded...or possibly be ready for some pictures and some captions and that's it...

 First things first...yes i am fishing. It has been a tough slog through the spring season but I am there everyday to do what needs to be done in the hopes that the Captain has done what he's supposed to do in order for us all to eat...well.We've had more fog than sun so at some points it has seemed quite disorienting both in 24hr time and days in the week. I can't even remember the details of April so I won't bore you but because it's not covered in a previous post...I managed to stay down at the wharf for a cool 45 days. It was just me and the chariot loving the sunsets and the peace. Unfortunately I ,managed to piss off the seasonal locals (read - rich americans), just by being there, and in turn they threatened to contact everyone under the sun including environment canada (federal wharf) ...that led to the decision being made that it was time for the chariot to pack up and rock. So with a little help I ended up at this dude Daves house, just a quick walk to the water and a short scooter ride to the boat. It's no wharf but it's doing me just fine.

 In April I got to go long lining (Halibut fishing). It was an intense experience and I was lucky enough to go on the trip that actually made money from catching the quota. The previous two trips were marred by rain and wind, this one was a beautiful sail, an interesting experience trying to work the gear (and mucking up badly enough that the Captain had to set a single trawl tub off on it's own because I somehow missed it on deck. (pss...Hey Bri...see that tub sitting over there filled with bait...it's not just for show). Anyway turns out that "my tub" paid off with a few hundred pounds of fish...so no one was too concerned with the mistake.
 It was very interesting to get over to Westport, NS. That is a town that it serious about it's fishing and it was very cool to see a bunch of other boat. Where I'm at there are only a few that use the wharf, there was probably 20 there. Nothing to do there though and after killing time the first and I headed back to the boat and got ready for the sail back.

 The craziest thing about it was as soon as we got back to the wharf a phone call was made and bamo...quota for the entire NB fisheries was filled and just like that long lining for us was over.
Admiral Akbar (check your star wars) coming in to make some yummy fish and chips!!
It's almost impossible to squeeze off a shot of yourself working with fish heads...so the cpt did it for me!
One of the coolest ships in Westport. Coastal rescue boat...designed to be submerged deeply and stay water tight. The hull and deck design was very cool!

Lobster ---

 Lobsters are still lobstering and I am still lobstering them up! I am now a solid deckhand minus an "on the fly" bowline. Compared to the fall I am a different man on the boat altogether. Now I'm not tooting my horn because daily I am finding things to work on but for now I'm fairly happy with where I am.

 The catches are so very different than the fall (money maker)...you do all the same work for 1/2 the lobsters (if that). So physically it's brutal but it's more mentally tough than anything.
BAM! Giving the lobster a taste of it's future!!

One of our jumbos!!! If one of those claws got you...yeeeowza!!
 Living off the grid -- 

 Living at the wharf would have never happened without the installation of my solar panel before I left Sussex. I'm not some gung ho solar freak or anything but I love the way it work and for the money spent it's a priceless add on for travelling and wanting some comfort (power). 

 Water has been the most challenging thing. Imagine driving with 40l of water on a 50cc scooter at 70kmph....dicey at best. I was running my jugs up, having someone run them down...it's been working but as I think about living off the grid on a property the need for a well is paramount. In fact everything else works just fine but water...it must be clean and it was be helpful if it was abundant. 
 I know now though that when I do get a piece of land I will be able to do it. Living in my van has shown me that the way I used to live was ridiculous. The consumption between Dover me and me now...incredible. Last time I had an indoor shower? May 4. :)....and loving it!

DC power? Don't mind if I do!!

That sort of catches us up with today but not really. In May the first mate had to spend some time in the provincial clink due to some past indiscretions. The cpt brought on a young buck that we promptly nicknamed Felix. It's not very often you meet someone and connect with them instantly but I found Felix to be righteous and together we managed to fill the role of the first mate and keep the boat running. He's a bog boy stretching the atmosphere at 6'4 or somewhere close and gawd damn was I happy what he would grab a hold of the rope and start hauling!!! We complimented each other well in the mates absence and the change of pace from being chewed up and spit out in between cigarettes and monster drinks was refereshing. 

 Felix has got his own thing going on, beautiful house, cool dogs, great lady...not bad for 26. I'm hoping that he's got the time to come back for the day we pull traps. I certainly know there will be a beery bbq in our near future as soon as the season is over (only 12 days to go now)!!

cool little map i saw over in Westport

 What happens now?? Well on June 29th this lobster season is over and it will be time to do...something else for the summer. I've decided that after doing a little work for the Cpt till July 13 I will head home and hugs the folks for the first time since January 20-something 2011. It has been a wicked long time and just the thought of giving my mom a big hug and then being crushed by my dad...well it's making me all welly :)
 I do however dread the thought of Calgary...oh how I want nothing to do with living like that. Traffic, big box everything...gack I'm puking already!!! :)
A picture of the first day felix and I were asked to move traps. A little slow, very cautious but shit yeah...look at me mom 26 traps a travelling!!

I wish that I could get across how amazing it is to be on the water daily...

The future....well I'm not really sure. I'll keep you posted as life plays itself out...

 Also stay tuned for the picture of my 90 day facial hair challenge...needless to say my moustache is sweeping but the rest of it...well if you could see if from 2ft we'd both be lucky.   :)

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