Nov 8, 2014

Old post....made me smile

(original written awhile back)

 When I was at the college I was constantly being reminded (either by someone else or myself) that sometimes I wield my english language skills, or lack of, around in a very casual manner. Often times not thinking about what others may actually be getting from my words (I mean...inbf it makes sense to's good to go right?!?). I heard gasps from outside my door, laughter from the cubicles surrounding me and even laughter from students who finally understood what I was trying to say.

 I got caught one day at the registration counter trying to explain to a Pakistani couple what I meant by "cash cow" when referring to a course at our institution that wasn't (in my opinion) very productive or cost efficient (my loyalty is always to the service, best deal and total honesty. I am not anywhere to promote an inferior product...don't want it as a consumer, don't do it as an employee) . Once they got the gist he said with his strong accent "I know these things you are saying, it is everywhere" and we had a great laugh about it. Turned out there was a better course for him (not at my place of work) that was actually going to move him forward and we got him into the right direction. Turns out that was the right move as I helped the rest of his family and friends (those that were interested) into school and moving forward. He always came with them and always we joked about cash cows.

 Anyway...that little anecdotal story has nothing to do with it but it does lead me current surroundings are a budding 2 and 4yr old. So once again I am letting loose...and one of my favourite things is just saying crazy things to see if they listen....low and behold a bit of a playlist is showing up...

 I let them listen to each song and we have a little dance and some then becomes a part of their idioms and they drop a line every now and then that just cracks me up. Just a little something from the family that laughs over the christmas toast our good friend Ferg gave, raising his glass "To EVIL", to all my friends that have kids! 

oh oh it's know (while showing them no magic...just taking advantage of the fact that they aren't quite quick enough to catch the obvious)

 Then a little hard days night when they were cranky and getting ready for a nap... (this one hasn't shown up from their mouths yet...mostly because the song itself isn't very catchy (in my opinion)

 Then Another one Bites the Dust...why...because I was singing it with a big "huh" behind Another one bites the dust "huh". Then when they listened to it and danced like crazy the 3 yr old quickly said "Hey when does he say "huh"? (pumping his fist appropriately...because they see everything)...busted...but that is now how he sings it :)

When I showed them this one...they went crazy!!!

Abracadabra...this one popped up because I taught the 3yr old "Open Sesame"...and consequently he was very disappointed that nothing opened for him like it did for me. So then I taught him "Abracadabra is stronger magic"...I started to sing...singing led to this and this led to him running around and screaming every time i went to reach out and grab him.

Along for the ride in all this is the 1 yr old who drops more lines than the 3 yr old and will most likely remember this strange moment in his time somewhere in the back of his subconscious. For now though until that unfolds he and his large cranium are providing endless laughs as he goes through his growing pains.


 The new hit is Tutti Frutti (what a great energy song)!!

The routine, now that they are stronger, is ONE pull on the goatee per day. A quick watch of Mad Robots - Astronaut. I make them do some pushups...and 
 and then the day begins.

 ps...that peanut in my arm is the newest of the Shark clan (older pic...she's almost walking now!). Gorgeous gorgeous and....gorgeous. I look forward to seeing her sparkling eyes after a grinding fishing season.

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