Nov 8, 2014

old post...dated july 2013

 I found this draft kicking's just pictures...guess I was planning on writing something then...I'm not going to now, just tell you about the pics...

I was extremely lucky to go on a Halibut long line trip my first spring. Normally those trips are reserved for sharmen, it just so happened one of them was in jail and I was there. I called them Admiral Akbar and at one point was host a short lived puppet show with their head.... ;)

pretty sure this has been posted...but I like it!

Big old bandit!

Nemo and I chopping heads and icing fish!

I upgraded the van with a solar panel in Spring 2013. What a treat! I guess this was my attempt at artsy. Note to self...stick to non-artsy!

Over in Westport, NS this was an awesome Coast Guard ship. Designed to roll under and survive!! 

Lobster traps waiting for their day in the big pond!

I've been trying to organize myself for a dive ticket since I got summer it is happeneing!

This must have been during my first fall season. Moving rough weather...well when you say it like that you'd never know which season it really was. It's always rough and we're always moving!

In my mind this picture is fancy equipment necessary to get the blur effect on the waves....right? 

Just a piece of east coast pardise

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