Nov 8, 2014


  I've been home 4 times since I quit my job on July 14, 2011.
The first time was to touch base and get mechanical work done to the van before heading out "for real". The second was touching back through after my birthday in October...the third was an unscripted and disheartening return due to the bomb blast (aka my propane fire). The heart was lifted when I found an identical van and was able to carry on with my journey....since then it has been close to 1.5yrs since I have touched in and collected much appreciated mom hugs (you too dad!). I collected over 50000km since driving away from that cold morning in St Paul after haggling over price for awhile. And I know I thank my folks a lot of their support but really who else would drive you all the way up there and then all the way to Cold Lake and back just because St Paul doesn't have a Scotiabank. ;)

 After 9 months of amazing tripping through the US of A, ending up in the heart of New Brunswicks "maritime" communities AND getting a job on a fishing boat....I can say that if you sit still...nothing much ever really happens. At least it didn't when I did. Once you get moving out!! And that's not a comment about kilometres, it's not a distance thing...I realized that somewhere around Tabor City while pouring sweat out of every pore on my body and loving it. It's about not being content with average. your average can be whatever you want it to be, it's not a judgement thing. What it is, is a statement about trying to be a bit better all the time. You are the only barometer of that. Anyone else looking in is judging.  as everyone that loves you wishes the best for you but in taking judgement to the next level which to me is interference, the love and intention is always distorted.

 The course is laid out for you already, there needs to be no distortion of the order of operations. Surround yourself with people that love you, challenge you and support you. Don't think that because someone isn't always on your side that they do not support you.


 Dated only 2013. No idea where I was going with it...

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