Dec 5, 2014 does it fly

It's been 365 days...and I really don't have much to share about it on the blog. I'm healing, I'm working hard, I'm changing, adapting and attempting to do better. I worry about my mom, my sister and my brother, they worry about me. If life was perfect I'd have my acres, my cabin and a spot for them to isn't. ;) Everyone is doing as well as can be expected.

 Life here is still just what my internal doctor ordered. I feel great, I love the work I do (this season has been challenging both physically and mentally) as there is always room for improvement. I'd draw a pie chart showing 99% of the pie being room for improvement...but you get the picture.

 But hey...I miss my Dad every day. I don't want that to ever stop. The more time passes the more his lessons become more and more important...and that's a lot of "more's" in one sentence. ;)

 I appreciate all the love sent from friends and family. ;) I recognize that the blog is in's not really high on the priority list but I am about to stop being so frugal (cheap) and invest in some decent internet and  a solid phone line...maybe then I'll spend some time uploading and making it nice again.

 In the meantime, if you were a member of the fondue table... ;) Raise your glasses and let go a belly shaking laugh, he's always here to join in anytime you do!

Strutters...Dad on the left, Uncle Johnny in the middle and Grandpa on the right.

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