Sep 24, 2011

The 1200

(this post was originally written back in august at 11:30 at night...pitch black, no map and no idea where I actually was outside of what it showed on the GPS...I did have fabulous cell reception which was crazy considering Seymour Arm inhabitants needs to gather by the wharf to get a signal...needless to was a shite post probably due to sheer nervousness of the next day and what awaited me on the way back down)

The craziest thing.....

 So I'm on this logging road called the 1200 above the...northwest end of the shuswap. Ahead of me lies something called the Hunakwa Protected Area.

On the other side of the lake...
 I had intentions of driving to Seymour Arm, finding a spot to settle for the night and then figuring today out...but Seymour Arm is such a crazy cool place filled with "Private keep Out" driveways that extend back further than the trees allow you to see...and almost no people. One set of peoples waved at me...another did not look all that please that I was driving around aimlessly. And then I saw this road...and started driving. 

I'm about 38k down the roughest road I'd ever thought I'd take the Baron on and I'm not going to lie to you...I'm nervous as shit taking it back the other way. I don't know if it was the adrenalin rush of driving into the unknown, my own simple tomfoolery or if it was worse than I imagined it to be last night. 
Up up and away!!

 So it's 8am...the day is GORGEOUS and I am up on this ridge where if  take a little hike I can look down upon this vast valley with an amazing, sparkling lake embedded in it. I can only imagine what the pioneers who settled these lands must have though when seeing such expanse and beauty.

Safe and sound back on the safe side of the lake!

 I would love to live out here...

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